Dance Buffet   
Take your inspiration to dance from your TV screen to the studio floor. Learn to make your dance inspired classes a scrumptious combination of top 40, Latin, contemporary, hip hop, Bollywood, etc. so that you never run out of moves! You will learn to teach all these styles with authenticity before you leave this session. From the appetizers to the main course to dessert, you will leave your participants satisfied, yet hungry for more! 

Dance Buffet: 20 years of Boy Bands   
In this very special edition of Dance Buffet we invite you to a scrumptious throwback to Boy Band hits from the past and present. A delicious journey from NKOTB, to Boyz II Men, to some recent UK guilty pleasures. We  spin beats to keep you dancing while reliving your cherished Tiger Beat days. Feel free to pull out your one-shoulder overalls, crop tops, and high waisted pants to a feast for all your senses!

Dance Buffet: A Feast For The Senses! 
Make your dance inspired classes a scrumptious combination of pop hits, Latin, timeless pick-me-ups, etc. so that you never run out of moves! Teach all these styles with authenticity and create fantastic experiences for all our senses. Nathalie will work her Joie de vivre magic and help you concoct delightful surprises for your participants. From the appetizers to the main course to dessert, you will leave them satisfied, yet hungry for more!

 The Sweet Spot!   
The ultimate way to pack your classes is to connect with your participants and help them find “the sweet spot” between feeling challenged and feeling successful. Knowing how to do that week after week while teaching to all levels, using seamless transitions, and letting the music shine is the purpose of this session. Nathalie will help you build your movement toolbox and coaching dictionary in this highly interactive workshop. Come prepared to put in the work that will ensure unforgettable experiences every time you put on the microphone!

Choreography Creation: Top 40 Dance
Do you love feeling inspired after a dance session at a conference but feel frustrated a few weeks later when you need to create your own choreography? This interactive session is for you! In this part of the series, Nathalie will use the hottest club tracks to liberate your feet and get you moving like a superstar then give you the tools and techniques to keep partying on the studio floor. Learn how to find the skeleton of the songs you can’t get enough of, and then create your own choreography from now on! Ideal for fitness instructors of all levels.  

Yoga Tune-Up: Reflect and Rejuvenate 
Cleanse the body and clear the mind in this detox-focused Yoga practice. Come experience a selection of Asanas sequenced to create heat and stimulate the movement of the lymphatic system. Allowing flow of breath to lead the way, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. End your Tune-Up with powerful intentions that will set the tone for the seasons ahead and emerge ready to blossom!

Journey From Yoga Rookie to RYT 
Can’t stand still long enough to enjoy Yoga? Not flexible enough for Yoga? This is the session for you! Learn how a passionate-silly-Type A-fast paced-fitness pro like Nathalie went from feeling she wasn’t “grown up” enough for Yoga, to her Registered Yoga Teacher graduation. Get rid of some cortisol by giving your body some well deserved TLC. Enjoy some mindful movement with plenty of fun. NamastYay!