Be unforgettable! 

It often happens that we end our work week wondering if we’ve actually left an impression with our group fitness participants. In this session, Nathalie will help you step out of your box with communication and performance exercises. You will get the opportunity to discover and reveal the performer within you in order to ensure unforgettable experiences every time you put on the microphone! Session is recommended for all fitness instructors.

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Despite all our motivational efforts, 50% of our participants and clients drop out of their fitness programs within the first three months. Lost cause? Not at all! We’re capable of doing much more to help them persevere in their physical activity efforts. Nathalie offers you practical strategies to help you begin on the right foot and overcome the obstacles on the road to better health. You will come out feeling energized, motivated and motivating! Ideal for fitness instructors and personal trainers of all levels.

The Joy of EX  
Are your training sessions and classes good, excellent, or phenomenal? Nathalie offers you the winning formula to ensure your clients will keep coming back week after week. Learn how to not only program for a great workout, but also create EXperiences filled with joy and a powerful feeling of fulfillment. The time has come to transform your classes and become an exceptional fitness professional! 

I’m certified…now what?  
There are countless opportunities for you to choose from in order to thrive in your career as a fitness professional! You will learn how to make the most out of your certification, when it is best to follow the trends, how to position yourself in the job market and much more!  Nathalie will clearly lay out the steps that you need to take to secure yourself a long lasting position in the fitness industry.

Passion and profit: make fitness your career  
Have you dreamed of making a living out of working in the fitness industry but wonder how your body can withstand 30 classes per week? Think again! By combining your current skill set with a few more tricks of the trade you can create a fulfilling and profitable career for yourself. Personal training, specialized fitness, corporate programs, presenting…the possibilities are endless. As membership and certification director for canfitpro and nationally recognized presenter, Nathalie will share the hottest trends and goldmines so you can grow your business by tapping into readily available resources and have the career of your dreams!

 I don’t do “aerobics’’ but could I profit from Group Fitness?
If you want to increase your client base and revenue and are looking for new ways of marketing yourself you need to go to this session! Nathalie will show you how your current skill set can get you closer to having a captive audience on a weekly basis and selling yourself will become a breeze. Even if you think a grapevine is something you see when driving through the Napa Valley you can be a Group Exercise Leader. Come discover how you could get involved in indoor cycling, rowing, small group training, etc. With the help of the tool and programs described in this session you’ll be wowing participants and recruiting clients in no time! Session is recommended for all personal trainers.

 A feast for the senses  
Create fantastic experiences for all our senses! Embracing sensuality can help your participants and clients speak of your classes and sessions the same way they would an incredible meal; your marketing will be done for you! Nathalie will work her Joie de vivre magic and help you get in touch with all the components of your individual sensual greatness and unlock your potential to fill your client and participant list. Let your senses guide you to this session not to be missed! Ideal for all fitness professionals. 

Are you leading people or managing systems? 
As group exercise or personal training managers, we expect full time commitment from part time instructors and trainers. We ask them to take ownership of their time slots yet need them to embrace schedule changes. Nathalie will discuss the struggles of effective leadership attached to efficient club systems management and how the delicate balance will maximize the success of your team, yourself, the club, and ultimately your members.


Leading from the heart   
We know that respect, honesty, and caring must be demonstrated in the workplace but why not love? Could we be open to the idea that the ones you work with become part of your loved ones? Come see how this seemingly simple concept will revolutionize the way you deal with your team and collaborators and how leading from the heart is the best way to achieve personal and business goals. Leaders of all levels are welcome!

How to profit from ALL fitness trends   
There are countless opportunities for you to choose from in order to thrive in your career as a fitness professional. Learn how to make the most of your skills and qualifications, while riding the waves of current and future fitness industry trends. Building on her own personal fitness journey from an instructor and trainer in Montreal, Nathalie is now an international presenter, the membership and certification director for canfitpro, and a passionate leader and educator. Leverage the right trends and follow the career path that will help you inspire the masses and leave the legacy you have always dreamed of!