1:15 pm13:15

FILEX The Fitness Industry Convention

  • International Convention Centre

The ultimate way to pack your classes is to help participants find ‘the sweet spot’ between feeling challenged and feeling successful. Join Nathalie as she reveals how to do it week after week while teaching to all levels, using seamless transitions, and letting the music shine. Build your movement toolbox and coaching dictionary to ensure unforgettable experiences every time you put on the mic! 

Graduation Gratitude Lolë Meet-Up
6:00 pm18:00

Graduation Gratitude Lolë Meet-Up

  • canfitpro Academy

Nathalie says MERCI! Enjoy a very special FREE Yoga practice offered as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who supported Nathalie in her journey to becoming a 200 hour - Registered Yoga Teacher. Enjoy some mindful movement with plenty of fun and some well deserved TLC. NamastYay!